Story of my life

I don't look like what I've been through, but every obstacle sparked my determination to continue to achieve greatness.

From where it began

Born and raised in Boston as a first-generation Haitian-American

In the wake of losing a sister, a single parent mother, and my grandmother at 13 years old, and with my aunt's subsequent adoption of my brother and I, a fierce determination ignited in me. Guided by unwavering faith in God, I weathered the storms of adversity during a major transition in my life.

Despite these heart-wrenching setbacks, I discovered a newfound purpose in inspiring others, propelling me to academic excellence and securing a full scholarship to Northeastern University's esteemed business program. Fueled by divine presence, my mother's relentless faith, and a desire to uplift others, I embarked on the entrepreneurial journey straight out of high school.

With determination, I pursued my calling, turning trials into triumphs and embodying the resilience and faith that define my journey, while also empowering others to overcome obstacles and reach their fullest potential.

Wendell Jean-Jules, Founder


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From hustling in my businesses to growing my business

My entrepreneurial journey, ignited in the vibrant streets of Boston, embodies resilience and unwavering passion. From Trendy Promotions to Love it or Like it, and even ventures like RnB and Paint, each endeavor symbolizes my relentless pursuit of innovation and creativity. Despite challenges, like those faced with Le Rodeo, including logistical hurdles and funding constraints, I persevered, transforming setbacks into stepping stones for growth. In 2019, fueled by unwavering determination, I embraced full-time entrepreneurship with WJJ Brands. Today, as the driving force behind WJJ Brands, I am poised to redefine the business landscape with boundless creativity and an unshakable belief in the power of persistence.

Journey of my life

A Serial Entrepreneur, a Husband, and Dog Dad

Life is a journey marked by impactful moments that shape our paths and define our destinies. Here's a glimpse of mines:

2005: Mother Passed & Adopted By Aunt

2010 Graduated High School & Started My 1st Business

2015 Graduated College

2019 - Lost Job & Launched WJJ Brands

2020 - Got Married During COVID-19

2022 - Got Our Pup Named Marley

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Working with Wendell has been amazing. His team was very professional and understanding. They were able to teach me the things that were needed in order for my business to excel. they were very compassionate and uplifting. I would definitely recommend anyone needing help with their business to try out WJJ Brands!

~ Stoney Washington


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