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Business Growth Program


Help you create and develop an strategy that will increase your business exponentially.


90 Days


You will have 15 Coaching calls and working guides to develop and launch your strategy.


All you need is a computer and an internet connection. We will provide some other tools for you to complete the program.

Our Commitment:

We ensure you will get at least 1 lead from your selling funnel booking a call during the first 30 days of your launched campaign. If no body schedules a call, you will get your money back!

Interested? Schedule a Complimentary 30-Minutes Zoom Session


This program has been developed and tested by experts who work for WJJ Brands and Wendell Jean-Jules. Understanding and transforming coaches’ needs from all ages and every expertise on the coaching industry.

The topics you will be learning about are:

Goal Setting for your business
Business Analysis
How to Create Business Strategies
How to create a High Ticket Offer
How to create a Low Ticket Offer
Define your Target
Create your communication plan
Create your marketing strategy
Create your sales plan
Review your finances and business forecast


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    What you will get


    The course has been divided into 9 Modules
    It’s completely personalized
    You get access to all files
    You can join our community
    You will be coached by Wendell Jean-Jules
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    Module 1:

    Intro to the Course

    Firstly, you should begin your lesson by bringing up an understanding of all the tools and methods we will be using. This will be the best opportunity to meet up, share who you are, and your expectations and start working!

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    Module 2:

    Goals Setting

    Setting goals is basic when you are starting a new project. You need to set realistic and tangible goals. In this module, you will learn to set goals and we will be setting the goals for your business grouth

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    Module 3:

    Entrepreneur / Business Analysis

    In order to make changes it’s important to know where you are at this point and then use your abilities to start going where you want to go. In this module, you will understand the person behind the business.

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    Module 4:

    New Business Model Strategy

    In this model, we will develop your new strategy by creating a High Ticket Offer, and a Low ticket Offer, and defining a reasonable price for your services ensuring you will reach your financial goals.

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    Module 5:

    Target and Communications

    At this stage, you will have the tools to model your buyer persona and the customer journey. You will also create your selling funnels and communications with your potential clients.

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    Module 6:


    In this module, you will learn how to create a marketing strategy using all the current tools and launch it.

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    Module 7:


    Selling is an art. You will learn all the actual selling methods. You will create your own selling script, how to talk to your potential clients and how to overcome objections.

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    Module 8:


    At the end of the program, we will review all the learnings, answer questions, and share your experience with us.

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    Module 9:


    On this module we will have a bonus session, where we will work on your mindset.

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