I lost my job and my reaction took me by surprise. The hardest part was having to open up the can of worms I managed to avoid for so long…

On October 22nd, 2019. I clocked in to work ready to start my day and within minutes, I was called into a conference room with my manager and HR. In my head, this scenario could go two ways. Either, it was time for me to get the raise I was promised the year before, or they were about to give me some really bad news. Nonetheless, no time could have prepared me mentally for what was to come.

The initial meeting went well, and I was able to return to my duty at work that day. However, a few hours later, I was delivered the news nobody wants to hear… my time in the company had come to an end after 2 years with the team.

Who would have thought losing my job would send me on a path of self discovery. I walked to my car, took a few deep breaths, prayed to God and asked him to guide my next steps. Then I messaged my fiancé the news. She was at work and immediately stepped out to call me back. Our conversation was raw, it was deep and very thought provoking. Some of the questions she asked me in that moment were, what music is your heart dancing to? Does it make you feel alive? Does God like that beat too? Ask him and He will guide you through the right path. We came off the phone and I drove home in complete peace.

I slept so well!

That night, I got one of the best sleeps I have had in a while. I woke up with a smile on my face, excited for how my next steps were going to play out. But before I went on a fantasy on how I’m about to become a billionaire, getting my priorities and responsibilities in order was of the highest importance. I still had bills to pay, a wedding to plan, an RnB and Paint tour to wrap up and a Fiancé to make time for.

Whew… Once I got a game plan in place for that, and most importantly communicate that to my soon to be wife. Now it was time to start soul searching, reflecting on all the things I’ve achieved over the years, my strengths and weaknesses, and making that decision to either find another job or start practicing what I preach to other entrepreneurs who are now working for themselves.

During my soul searching journey, I spent a lot of time talking to myself (which is normal), attending church services twice a week, taking personality and identity tests, and traveling. Through it all, I was able to envision my next steps and set realistic plans for the calling God has put on my life.

The decision was clear, it was time for me to step out and begin working on myself and for myself. I took myself by surprise because I am a calculated man who try to be one step ahead of my plans. Now I am stepping out in boldness, completely unaware of how this decision would play out. But one thing I had was the spirit of affirmation “I shall have what I speak, because I believe that it belongs to me”.

What if I fail?

Our life journey and experiences are not only for our growth. We go through things too so that we can give hope to others, and inspire them to just start. What if I fail? But what if I don’t?

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Remember to always “Stand Out, Be Great!

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